14 Opening Day Position Players? ...with Machin? ...Why not?

Let's save time & just add Rule 5 Player; 2B/3B/SS/1B; Vimael Machin to the 26-man MLB roster now!

Vimael Machin was selected in the Rule 5 Draft and traded to the A's. As such he must be returned to the Cubs if the A's remove from the roster during 2020. …Unless the A's make a deal with the Cubs for his rights which also restores his 3 options for minor leagues assignments.


  • The Cubs may prefer trading Vimael's rights to the A's if to not do so meant losing him for nothing.
  • If A's do obtain his rights his 3 options for MiLB assignments are restored. This also would happen if he remains on the A's MLB roster the entire year.
  • Each player added to the Injured List (IL) opens another roster space.15 days is the new minimum stay required for a player added to the IL.
  • Piscotty very likely spends the first 15 days of 2020 on the IL if not more.
  • If Khrush can't crush he is another candidate for the IL.
  • Unpredictable injuries happen all season long adding more roster openings.
  • Re: LH Utility Players: Grossman 1 yr, & Kemp 6 yrs, both play OF but Kemp can also play 2B.
  • Re: RH Utility Players: Pinder 3 yrs, & Barreto 5 yrs, both play OF but Barreto plays better at 2B.
  • 12 roster spots for pitchers worked very well last year with the LV Shuttle. I don't know of any logical or official reason that limits or prohibits this.

We also have too many high paid RPs with only 1 year remaining but that is a discussion for another time.