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Elephant Rumblings: Full Squad Arrives in AZ, A’s Drop Off Local Radio, Tim Hudson News

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Red Sox v Athletics
That stares says “I will destroy you”. I miss it.
Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

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Today in Baseball History:

  • 1957 - The Kansas City Athletics ship pitchers Art Ditmar, Bobby Shantz, and Jack McMahan, and infielders Clete Boyer, Curt Roberts and Wayne Belardi to the Yankees. In return they receive pitchers Mickey McDermott, Tom Morgan, Rip Coleman and Jack Urban, OF Irv Noren, plus infielders Billy Hunter and Milt Graff. The veteran Shantz and Boyer will be valuable pick-ups for New York, with Shantz leading the American League in ERA this year, and Boyer a tough defensive 3B for eight years in pinstripes. The A’s will eventually admit that when they signed Boyer for a $40,000 bonus in 1955, it was on behalf of the Yankees, with the understanding that they’d ship him to NY as soon as he became eligible to be sent down to the minors.
  • 1977 - The Oakland A’s sell P Paul Lindblad to the Texas Rangers for $400,000, calling into question Bowie Kuhn’s policy on player sales. Kuhn had previously voided an Oakland sale of players (on June 18, 1976) as “not being in the best interest of baseball,” but had not specified the maximum amount allowable in a player sale.
  • 1987 - After signing a contract as a free agent with the A’s less than a month ago, Vida Blue unexpectedly retires from baseball.

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Full squad arrives in ‘Zona...

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The top AN CPL prospect (outside of the Big 3) facing off against the top A’s player of our time...