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Elephant Rumblings: Billy Beane back with A’s in 2021 after all?

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2019 AL Wild Card - Tampa Bay Rays v. Oakland Athletics Photo by Daniel Shirey/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Good morning afternoon evening, Athletics Nation!

Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations Billy Beane will likely be back with the Oakland A’s in 2021 after all, reports Susan Slusser of the S.F. Chronicle, along with the rest of the club’s top front-office execs.

The offseason began with a rumor that Beane may leave the A’s and the baseball world entirely, and move on to other ventures including European soccer, all as part of a large business deal that also involves Boston Red Sox team owner John Henry. However, Slusser reports that the deal “has yet to go through,” so Beane is probably sticking around in Oakland for now.

Meanwhile, assistant general manager Billy Owens was in the running for two different GM jobs this winter (Angels and Mets) but was not selected for either, while GM David Forst was also mentioned in connection with the Mets job. Slusser reports that both are currently expected to be back with the A’s in 2021.

Hot take: It’s nice that the front office is staying. But does it really matter? The A’s have clearly stated that they’re not going to do anything this winter, and instead simply give up right in the middle of a prime window of contention whilst armed with a core of young stars, because of one bad financial year. There may be a couple token moves, and they’ll literally field a team next summer, but there’s not going to be any serious attempt to win in 2021. Who cares who the GM is if there is no directive from ownership to actually compete?

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