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Elephant Rumblings: A’s AGM Billy Owens a candidate for Mets GM job

MLB news roundup

Oakland Athletics Draft Day Photo by Michael Zagaris/Oakland Athletics/Getty Images

Good morning afternoon evening the next morning, Athletics Nation! At this point I think most of us have lost track of what day and time it is.

For the second time this winter, Oakland A’s assistant general manager Billy Owens is involved in the offseason rumor mill. He had previously been a candidate for the Los Angeles Angels GM job, until it was filled by Perry Minasian. Now his name has cropped up again in regard to the New York Mets GM job.

Owens is among four candidates who have interviewed with New York, though it’s possible others could join the mix as time goes on, reports Mets insider Anthony DiComo. The Mets were sold to a new team owner this winter, Steve Cohen, and he’s building an entirely new front office.

That rebuild began at the top, with Sandy Alderson as the new team president. Alderson has especially strong ties to the A’s, as their former GM and more recently a front office adviser. He’s worked with Owens before in Oakland, so it’s not a surprise to see Owens in the running to join him in New York.

The Angels and Mets aren’t the only teams revamping their front offices this winter, as the Philadelphia Phillies hired Dave Dombrowski this week as their new President of Baseball Ops. MLB Trade Rumors rounded up some takeaways from Dombrowski’s introductory press conference.

Meanwhile, Oakland’s own front office situation remains more of a question than anytime in this century. The offseason began with a rumor that longtime front man and current VP Billy Beane would be leaving the A’s and the sport entirely, but there have been no updates on the topic since then.

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