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Vote: Final round, 2020 Best A’s Moment Bracket

Hendriks save vs. Olson slam

Thearon W. Henderson (left) | Daniel Shirey (right) | Getty Images

What was the best moment of the Oakland A’s 2020 season? The team offered up 16 nominees, and fans have now voted them down to two finalists. There’s one more ballot to determine the winner.

The finalists:

  • No. 1 Hendriks WCS save vs. No. 3 Olson walk-off slam

Here’s a quick reminder of each, as well as the tweet with the official poll so you can vote for your favorite.

How did we get here? Our last update was entering Round 2, with eight remaining. Here’s how that went:

  • No. 1 Hendriks WCS save (84.7%) DEF No. 8 Pinder pinch-hit HR (15.3%)
  • No. 7 Laureano game-ender (50.4%) DEF No. 2 Canha catch (49.6%)
  • No. 3 Olson slam (61.5%) DEF No. 6 Piscotty slam (38.5%)
  • No. 4 Laureano robbery (62.2%) DEF No. 5 La Stella juggle catch (37.8%)

Finally an upset! But not the one I was expecting. That Canha catch is a classic and I was sure it would make the final round. Instead, it lost by three votes, if my calculations are correct.

Meanwhile, I could have seen Piscotty’s slam winning because it came against the Giants, but Olson’s on Opening Day (against the rival Angels) came out on top. I also would have picked La Stella’s juggle catch because it was just so bonkers (and it happened in the playoffs).

Instead, we had a Final 4 that included brilliant Laureano catches in both matchups. However, his Cinderella run ended, as he was defeated in both bouts.

  • No. 1 Hendriks WCS save (60.2%) DEF No. 4 Laureano robbery (39.8%)
  • No. 3 Olson walk-off slam (85.3%) DEF No. 7 Laureano game-ender (14.7%)

And that brings us to today, with the final bracket for all the marbles.

Remember to vote!