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Vote, Round 2: 2020 Best A’s Moment Bracket

Down to 8 highlights, aka the Elephant’s Eight

MLB: AUG 16 Athletics at Giants
Breaking the hearts of all those Giants fan cutouts
Photo by Cody Glenn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Oakland A’s have completed the first round of voting for their Best A’s Moment of 2020 bracket. They started with 16 highlights, and fans are voting on them in head-to-head matchups to determine the winner. Here are the results of Round 1, Day 2, which once again went straight along the chalk:

  • No. 2 Canha catch (62.5%) DEF No. 15 Bassitt grab (37.5%)
  • No. 3 Olson walk-off slam (91.1%) DEF No. 14 Grossman catch (8.9%)
  • No. 6 Piscotty slam (86.1%) DEF No. 11 Kemp double play (13.9%)
  • No. 7 Laureano game-ender (54.5%) DEF No. 10 Olson throw to third (45.5%)

We’re down to eight highlights in contention, and on to the second round. Here’s what the bracket looks like now:

The four Round 2 matchups look like this:

  • No. 1 Hendriks WCS save vs. No. 8 Pinder pinch-hit HR
  • No. 2 Canha catch vs. No. 7 Laureano game-ender
  • No. 3 Olson slam vs. No. 6 Piscotty slam
  • No. 4 Laureano robbery vs. No. 5 La Stella juggle catch

And now, time to vote! Below you’ll find videos of each play, as well as the A’s tweet containing the official polls.

First up is No. 1 Hendriks vs. No. 8 Pinder

Next is No. 2 Canha vs. No. 7 Laureano

The battle of the grand slams, No. 3 Olson vs. No. 6 Piscotty

And a couple more flashy catches, No. 4 Laureano vs. No. 5 La Stella

There hasn’t been an upset yet, but perhaps this round will bring one. Is your favorite play still in the running? Which one of the Elephant’s Eight are you rooting to win it all?