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Vote, Day 2: 2020 Best A’s Moment Bracket

8 more highlights battling for 4 spots in Round 2

Houston Astros v Oakland Athletics Photo by Michael Zagaris/Oakland Athletics/Getty Images

On Monday, the Oakland A’s Twitter account introduced a bracket to determine the Best A’s Moment of 2020. There are 16 highlights to choose from, facing off against each other in a public vote, single-elimination style. This decision is up to the fans, so let’s pitch in!

The first day saw half of Round 1, with four ballots on the slate for consideration. The final results of Monday, which all went in favor of the chalk:

  • No. 1 Hendriks WCS save (74.8%) DEF No. 16 Kemp slide (25.2%)
  • No. 4 Laureano robs HR (83.7%) DEF No. 13 Olson/Diekman (16.3%)
  • No. 5 La Stella juggle catch (69.1%) DEF No. 12 Pinder catch (30.9%)
  • No. 8 Pinder HR (63.3%) DEF No. 9 Soria double play (36.7%)

Now for the rest of Round 1. Here are the next matchups for you to vote on today (Tue).

First up are two athletic defensive plays, No. 2 Canha catch vs. No. 15 Bassitt grab

Next we’ve got No. 3 Olson walk-off slam vs. No. 14 Grossman catch.

It’s clutch offense vs. clutch defense with No. 6 Piscotty go-ahead slam vs. No. 11 Kemp double play.

And finally, two more defensive gems against major rivals (Astros and Giants, respectively), with No. 7 Laureano game-ender vs. No. 10 Olson throw to third.

As a reminder, here’s the full list of 16 moments, followed by an image of the bracket layout. The plays that are crossed out on the list have been eliminated, though those results aren’t yet reflected in the original bracket below.

  1. Hendriks shuts door to save Wild Card Series win
  2. Canha catch at the wall (Joe Rudi style)
  3. Olson walk-off grand slam on Opening Day
  4. Laureano home run robbery (vs. Brian Goodwin)
  5. La Stella juggle catch (in Wild Card Series)
  6. Piscotty go-ahead slam (vs. Giants)
  7. Laureano game-ending catch (vs. Astros)
  8. Pinder pinch-hit homer (vs. Giants)
  9. Soria inning-ending DP in WCS Game 3
  10. Olson throws to third (vs. Giants/Solano)
  11. Kemp diving double play
  12. Pinder crashing catch at wall
  13. Olson glove flip to Diekman
  14. Grossman catch against wall
  15. Bassitt over-the-shoulder play
  16. Kemp dodge at home plate (vs. Rockies)

Don’t forget to vote!