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Elephant Rumblings: Theo Epstein stepping down as Cubs President of Baseball Ops

MLB news roundup

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Chicago Cubs Introduce David Ross - News Conference Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

Good morning afternoon, Athletics Nation!

In October, reports broke that Billy Beane might soon leave the Oakland A’s to focus on other non-baseball ventures. It’s not a done deal, but in 2021 we could be looking at a world in which Beane isn’t part of the A’s front office after three decades in the organization — and over 20 years as either the general manager or the Vice President of Baseball Ops.

On Tuesday, another MLB team finds themselves in a similar situation. The Chicago Cubs announced that Theo Epstein is stepping down from his position as President of Baseball Ops at the end of the week.

After helping the Boston Red Sox win two championships (as their GM) and bust the 86-year-old Curse of the Bambino, Epstein took over the Cubs in 2011. He then led Chicago to break their own Curse of the Billy Goat and ultimately win their first World Series in 108 years. And he’s still only 46 years old.

However, despite his success in Chicago, Epstein has spoken in the past about the importance of not staying in one job for too long, so it’s not a surprise to see him move on after nearly a decade with the same team. In his place, longtime right-hand man Jed Hoyer will move up from GM-slash-VP to fill the role of President, establishing a new leader at a key forward-thinking moment as the Cubs enter a rebuilding phase.

Looking forward, whereas Beane is rumored to be leaving baseball front offices entirely, Epstein could yet wind up in a new city to take on a new challenge. But that won’t happen this year, reports insider Jon Morosi, as Epstein wants to take the 2021 season off.

For statements from Theo, Jed, and the Cubs owner, click here for Bleed Cubbie Blue or see the tweet below. You can also watch full video of their subsequent press conference.

Al Yellon of Bleed Cubbie Blue has more thoughts on the matter. MLB’s site calls Epstein a superstar in his field.

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