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Elephant Rumblings: Kim Ng hired by Miami Marlins as first female GM in MLB history

MLB news roundup

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Press Conference to Announce New Efforts Benefiting Education In the Dominican Republic Photo by Santiago Vida/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Good morning afternoon evening, Athletics Nation!

The MLB offseason has only just begun, and several teams are in the process of filling out administrative and coaching vacancies. The White Sox, Red Sox, and Tigers all hired new managers, several coaches found new homes across the league, and the Angels chose a new general manager.

Friday morning brought the latest hiring, and it’s a historic one. The Miami Marlins announced Kim Ng as their new GM, making her the first female to hold that position in not only MLB history but in any of the four major U.S. men’s sports. She’s also the second person of Asian descent to be a GM in the majors, after Farhan Zaidi.

Ng’s experience includes stints as the assistant GM for the Yankees and the Dodgers (for which she has three World Series rings with New York), plus nearly a decade as MLB’s Senior VP of Baseball Ops.

The response to Ng’s hiring from around baseball media was overwhelmingly positive, both in terms of how much she personally deserved a GM job as well as seeing another female barrier broken.

A few more Ng links, from MLB’s site:

In other GM news, the Mets and Phillies are still searching for someone to fill their vacancies at that position.

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