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Oakland A’s now have MLB’s 10th-longest championship drought

They’ve played 31 seasons without a title

Baltimore Orioles v Oakland Athletics Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Dodgers won the 2020 World Series on Tuesday, giving them their first championship since 1988. Their 31-season drought had been the 10th-longest active streak in the majors.

Next on the list after the Dodgers? None other than the Oakland A’s, who last won in 1989. With L.A. now back in the winners circle, the A’s move up to take their spot in 10th place, now up to 31 seasons themselves. Here’s the full Top 10:

  1. Indians, 72 years
  2. Rangers, 60 years
  3. Brewers, 52 years
  4. Padres, 52 years (tied for 3rd)
  5. Mariners, 44 years
  6. Pirates, 41 years
  7. Orioles, 37 years
  8. Tigers, 36 years
  9. Mets, 34 years
  10. A’s, 31 years

In addition, the Rockies (28 years) and Rays (23 years) have never won in their franchise histories, joining the Rangers, Brewers, Padres, and Mariners in that regard. Note that the Rangers also spent time as the Washington Senators, and the Brewers played a season as the Seattle Pilots.

If feels like forever since the A’s won it all, especially speaking as a 35-year-old who was barely too young to remember 1989. But there are quite a few clubs who have waited longer, some of them by a significant margin. And that’s to say nothing of the 107-year gap that Cubs fans had to endure leading up to 2016, or the 87 misses by the White Sox before 2005, or the 85 winless campaign for the Red Sox until 2004.

The A’s aren’t even at their own franchise record yet. They waited through 41 summers and two city changes between their 1930 title in Philadelphia and their 1972 triumph in Oakland.

There’s no telling if the next A’s championship is coming soon, or still far off in the distance. There have been plenty of chances along the way, and the current roster is on a strong run, though the stars haven’t managed to fully align. But perhaps there is humbling solace to be taken in remembering that nearly a third of the league has it even worse than we do.


In terms of total number of titles, the Dodgers are now up to seven. They remain in sixth place in that department, behind the Yankees (27), Cardinals (11), A’s and Red Sox (9 each), and Giants (8, which is fewer than the A’s). The Pirates and Reds each have five.