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Welcome To The New AN

MLB: Texas Rangers at Oakland Athletics
Meet Jim and Sandy!
Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Hello everyone, I’m Jim Bagg, and before introducing myself as the new Blogfather at Athlete’s Nation I want to take a moment to thank Nico for his or her contributions to this blog over the years. AN was lucky to have him or her at the helm for these past 14 years and he or she will be truly missed.

However, I think you will be pleased to welcome in our new talent, which includes myself. I have over 30 years experience writing about baseball and I followed the A’s into the post-season as they battled the Yankees in 2000-2001, the Red Sox in 2003, and the Yankees in the 2018 wild card game.

Worry not, I do not come without credentials to write about baseball, which would naturally imply qualifications to write about a given team such as the A’s. My article, “You’ll never guess what Derek Jeter was seen buying at Von’s today” won a Vox-y back in 2013, and my weekly feature, “Is He A Good Betts,” comparing various big league players and prospects by rating them on the “Mookie Betts Scale,” has been a New England institution since 2019.

I ran a few focus groups before assuming the Blogfather position and be assured many of this blog’s beloved traditions will endure. I do not come to AN alone, but rather am accompanied by my sidekick, Sandy, a 16 year old aspiring chemist with a tendency to mix up elements. Hearing her mistake molybdenum for magnesium naturally lends itself to some droll hijinks, let me tell you. I will also be sure to report occasionally on my Aunt Bessie, who I have never met but I believe she knits.

A’s news is a bit hard to get here in Flushing, due to the time zone, but I am fast brushing up to make sure I hit the ground running here on AN. I understand Derrick Barton is still much discussed and so my vow to you is to be “up to speed” on him by Sunday — I hope that helps to underscore my deep dedication to continuing to provide the top notch A’s coverage you are accustomed to reading.

Now what with my Blogfather duties across 6 other blogs I will be a bit busy in the very near future, but I will be back on April 1st with another article for sure. In the meantime, goooooooo A’s!!!! Let’s sign that third baseman who can put us over the top in 2020!

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