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A’s Farm Report: A’s 2019 Minor League Stat Leaders & Fall Instructional League Roster

Sweet-swingin’ Seth Brown
Photo by Jeff Speer/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Unfortunately, Las Vegas and Midland each lost the decisive game in their respective playoff series and saw their seasons come to an end on Sunday. James Kaprielian gave up 4 runs on 3 home runs in the 1st inning to suffer the loss for Las Vegas, while James Naile was charged with 6 runs, 5 earned, in the 2nd inning to record the loss for the RockHounds.

With the regular season having wrapped up last week for all the A’s affiliates, I wanted to offer a quick look at the A’s minor league statistical leaders this season. And with the instructional league set to start in Arizona next week, I also wanted to share this year’s fall instructional league roster.

But first…if you haven’t already, be sure to check out our latest A’s Farm podcast. We recently talked with Stockton Ports pitching coach, and former A’s pitcher, Chris Smith, one of the A’s top draft picks last year, infielder Jeremy Eierman, one of Stockton’s top hitters this season, third baseman Jonah Bride, as well as Ports play-by-play man Zack Bayrouty. You can hear it right here on A’s Cast. And, of course, you can always find updates on the A’s top prospects and all the action in the A’s minor league system on Athletics Farm.

--A’s Final 2019 Minor League Hitting & Pitching Leaders--

Includes Las Vegas Aviators (AAA), Midland RockHounds (AA), Stockton Ports (A), Beloit Snappers (A), Vermont Lake Monsters (A) and AZL A’s Green & Gold (Rk).


158 Sheldon Neuse 3B (LV)

154 Jorge Mateo SS (LV)

154 Dustin Fowler OF (LV)

142 Corban Joseph 2B (LV)


36 Edwin Diaz 3B-SS (MID-LV)

35 Corban Joseph 2B (LV)

31 Sheldon Neuse 3B (LV)

30 Mark Payton OF (LV)


14 Jorge Mateo SS (LV)

12 Dairon Blanco OF (MID)

11 Luis Barrera OF (MID)

8 Brayan Buelvas OF (AZL)


37 Seth Brown 1B-OF (LV)

30 Mark Payton OF (LV)

27 Sheldon Neuse 3B (LV)

25 Dustin Fowler OF (LV)


286 Seth Brown 1B-OF (LV)

274 Sheldon Neuse 3B (LV)

268 Jorge Mateo SS (LV)

265 Dustin Fowler OF (LV)


104 Seth Brown 1B-OF (LV)

102 Sheldon Neuse 3B (LV)

97 Mark Payton OF (LV)

89 Dustin Fowler OF (LV)


101 Seth Brown 1B-OF (LV)

99 Sheldon Neuse 3B (LV)

98 Dustin Fowler OF (LV)

95 Jorge Mateo SS (LV)


75 Chase Calabuig OF-1B (MID-BEL)

73 Lazaro Armenteros OF (STK)

68 Tyler Ramirez OF (MID-LV)

68 Alfonso Rivas 1B (STK-LV)


227 Lazaro Armenteros OF (STK)

190 Collin Theroux C (MID-LV)

177 Jeremy Eierman SS-2B (STK)

156 Edwin Diaz 3B-SS (MID-LV)


27 Dairon Blanco OF (MID)

25 Max Schuemann SS-3B (BEL)

24 Jorge Mateo SS (LV)

22 Lazaro Armenteros OF (STK)

--BATTING AVERAGE-- (minimum 300 at-bats)

.371 Corban Joseph 2B (LV)

.334 Mark Payton OF (LV)

.317 Sheldon Neuse 3B (LV)

.297 Seth Brown 1B-OF (LV)

--ON-BASE PERCENTAGE-- (minimum 300 at-bats)

.421 Corban Joseph 2B (LV)

.400 Mark Payton OF (LV)

.389 Sheldon Neuse 3B (LV)

.388 Chase Calabuig OF-1B (MID-BEL)

--SLUGGING PERCENTAGE-- (minimum 300 at-bats)

.653 Mark Payton OF (LV)

.634 Seth Brown 1B-OF (LV)

.585 Corban Joseph 2B (LV)

.552 Franklin Barreto 2B-SS (LV)

--ON-BASE + SLUGGING-- (minimum 300 at-bats)

1.053 Mark Payton OF (LV)

1.006 Corban Joseph 2B (LV)

.986 Seth Brown 1B-OF (LV)

.939 Sheldon Neuse 3B (LV)


150.2 Matt Milburn RHP (MID)

144.2 Mitchell Jordan RHP (STK-MID)

144.1 Brian Howard RHP (MID-LV)

141.1 James Naile RHP (MID-LV)


150 Aiden McIntyre RHP (BEL)

135 Mitchell Jordan RHP (STK-MID)

134 Brian Howard RHP (MID-LV)

124 Parker Dunshee RHP (LV-MID)


11 Paul Blackburn RHP (LV)

10 James Naile RHP (MID-LV)

10 Mitchell Jordan RHP (STK-MID)

9 Tanner Anderson LHP (LV)


14 Kyle Finnegan RHP (LV-MID)

11 Brian Schlitter RHP (LV)

11 Eric Marinez RHP (BEL-STK)

11 Jose Mora RHP (VT)

--EARNED RUN AVERAGE-- (minimum 75 innings)

2.96 Ben Bracewell RHP (LV-MID)

3.23 Grant Holmes RHP (MID-LV)

3.35 Rafael Kelly RHP (BEL-STK-VT)

3.42 Daulton Jefferies RHP (MID)

--WALKS + HITS PER INNING PITCHED-- (minimum 75 innings)

1.04 Daulton Jefferies RHP (MID)

1.14 Rafael Kelly RHP (BEL-STK-VT)

1.22 Grant Holmes RHP (MID-LV)

1.23 Parker Dunshee RHP (LV-MID)

--A’s Fall Instructional League Roster--


Brady Basso

Osvaldo Berrios

Bryce Conley

Willy De Paula

Joe DeMers

Jose Dicochea

Luis Florentino

Gerald Garcia

Richard Guasch

Hogan Harris

Marcelo Hernandez

Nick Highberger

Angello Infante

Jesus Lage

David Leal

Eric Marinez

Luis Martinez

Jose Mora

Yorlenis Noa

Nathan Patterson

Yehizon Sanchez

Pedro Santos

Seth Shuman

Robin Vazquez

Austin Wahl

Jack Weisenburger


Marcos Betancourt

Matt Cross

Hansen Lopez

Kyle McCann

Jared McDonald

Drew Millas

Jose Rivas


Lawrence Butler

Logan Davidson

Jordan Diaz

Jeremy Eierman

Jalen Greer

Dustin Harris

Gavin Jones

Patrick McColl

Jhoan Paulino

Robert Puason

Max Schuemann

Yerdel Vargas

Joshwan Wright


Lazaro Armenteros

Austin Beck

Jose Bonilla

Brayan Buelvas

Devin Foyle

Matt Koehler

Lester Madden

Ramon Martinez

Mickey McDonald

Kevin Richards

Marcus Smith

Noah Vaughan

Josh Watson

Visit Athletics Farm for updates on the A’s minor league teams and all the top prospects down on the farm.