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AN Meetup UPDATE 9/22/19 vs. Rangers

It’s happening!

MLB: APR 04 Red Sox at Athletics
We want YOU at the AN Meetup
Photo by Douglas Stringer/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images


We have about 32 RSVPs for tickets and about 10 more who already have tickets but will be joining us! I can still take more but whoever RSVP’d I’ll email you the ticket. It may be emailed via the A’s website. If you ordered a hat, the rep (Spencer) who sold us the tickets will bring our hats to our seats.

The $20 credit that is part of your ticket can be used for food/beverages and merchandise, so you can use it towards a jersey or whatever if you want.

I can still add more tickets, Friday is the deadline, so please let me know ASAP if you want to go.


THE TAILGATE WILL BE ON THE SOUTH SIDE PARKING LOT (HEGENBERGER RD. EXIT, NOT 66TH AVE). We’ll meet at around 10 AM. Specific location will be relatively close to the ramp that goes up towards BART. Incidentally that is close to our seats so it should be convenient for everyone. Twinsen usually brings his very high A’s flag so you can spot us. Feel free to bring any food or drinks and please provide Shed Jr. with a beer when Shed is not looking.

If you haven’t paid me, pay me at the game or venmo @Vivek-Sridharan or paypal Please put your AN username or name so I can connect it. I actually think, unlike most years, that basically everyone has paid me. Shocking!



We have set the AN meetup for Sunday 9/22. That’s the last home game of the year, so should be a fun one! It’s also Ramon Laureano bobblehead night!!!!!

So — here’s the deal:

We have 3 entire rows blocked off, in Section 105 row 8-10, the entire row. 45 seats total but I can add more.

Tickets are $52 each. But each ticket comes with $20 food and beverage credit that can be used at any concessions stand. So your food and beer is going to be free with ticket. long as you are in before first pitch you are guaranteed a Ramon Laureano bobblehead.

I am also told you can add on an A’s cap for $10 more. This is the cap:

Anyway, if you want to go, either email me at or comment below, or both. Let me know how many tickets you want. I’m buying 45 today but I can add more to that block (or reduce it). Also let me know if you want the optional cap add-on.

We’ll also have a tailgate as usual, details to follow.

For now, please RSVP ASAP. Thanks!