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Game Thread #123: A’s vs. Astros

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Oakland Athletics Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Friday and welcome to the night after one of the best baseball games you’ll ever see, as the A’s and Astros traded blows to the tune of 10 home runs in last night’s contest. Both Matts (including one Matt-to-Matt) hit two home runs, and the A’s were the last team standing when all the smoke had cleared, winning 7-6, gaining a game in the West (8.5) and one in the Wild Card (1.5). This. Is. Happening.

But it needs to keep happening, and to make it two in a row, it will have to happen tonight against the A’s biggest nemesis, Justin Verlander, whom the A’s have never managed to solve. Tanner Roark will face off against the Astros as we can only hope for more magic in the hot summer nights of Oakland.

A’s. Astros. Let’s do this.

Here are your lineups: