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Game #66: A's vs. Rangers

Can Bassitt save the day?

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Cleveland Indians David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

A few weeks ago, Chris Bassitt looked like a new man. A born-again Major League pitcher. He threw hard, struck good hitters out, kept runs off the board, and delivered the A's some much-needed wins.

Since his 8-inning, 7-strikeout gem in Detroit, that Chris Bassitt hasn't been seen (somebody put some flyers up). The guy who's been starting on Bassitt nights is an imposter with a weak arm and lost control. Is this man here to stay or will someone find Chris Bassitt before the start of tonight's game?

Regardless, we'll need him after a perplexing loss to the Rangers in the first game of the doubleheader. Has anyone figured out yet why BoMel pitched Ryan Dull in a one-run game against the team that's holding our playoff spot? At least we know that Dull and Brooks are done for the day.

On the down side, Chapman's also done for the day. So Khrush, we need a classic Arlington game from you. Don't let us down!

Here are the rest of the lineups:

Let's go, Oakland!