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Introducing: Baseball Trade Values website!

A new website by AN community member “invisibleinkwell.”

Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

Introducing a new website: Baseball Trade Values!

As most of you know, I’ve been studying trade values for a couple years. Now I have an actual website to show for it, called simply,

You can see updated trade values for A’s players, as well as all 29 other teams, including prospects – over 70 players deep per team.

And the fun part is, you can create your own trade proposals using these values. Several AN regulars agreed to be beta testers for this site, so you can see proposals from the likes of Alex Hall, grover, danmerqury, 510SportsTake, and Joshua Iversen (who also helped with number crunching, article writing, and troubleshooting), and comment on or upvote any one of them. These guys were also huge helps in identifying some of the bugs and suggesting improvements.

A few samples:

  • grover wants to trade Lazarito, Mateo and Bassitt to the Indians for Trevor Bauer.
  • Alex is going bold by trading Lazarito, Fowler, Neuse, and Blackburn to Detroit for Matthew Boyd and Shane Greene (plus a little cash).
  • danmerqury wants to trade Deichmann, Eierman and Holmes to the Nats for Sean Doolittle.
  • 510SportsTake wants to trade Fowler, Holmes and Mengden to Toronto for Marcus Stroman.
  • Joshua wants to trade Nick Allen and James Kaprielian to Arizona for David Peralta.

There’s also a lot of info on how we calculate trade values for both veterans and prospects, and a section that applies our model to recent real-life trades, to demonstrate accuracy. We’ll be updating the values frequently to maintain that accuracy.

So this is a site that, in a way, feels like it was spawned by Athletics Nation. I’m grateful for the AN community that has allowed me to incubate some of these ideas, and for Alex for allowing me to promote it here. Have a look, and create your own trade proposal!