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Game #59: A’s vs. Astros

Will the bullpen find itself?

Los Angeles Angels v Oakland Athletics Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

Oh how quickly the mighty can fall.

Athletics Nation optimism was at a season-high just 5 days ago when the A’s secured their 10th straight win against the Troutahni Angels (someone teach me how to trademark this). Three bullpen meltdowns later, members of Athletics Nation are back to biting their nails as they await a hero to relieve us of our pain — yes, pun intended.

Matt Olson’s left-handed power and presence saved the lineup from futility. Chris Bassitt’s rediscovered velocity saved the rotation from destruction. Who will save the bullpen from self-imploding before our very eyes? Wei-Chung Wang? Jharrel Cotton? Andrew Bailey??

Okay, I might’ve been getting hysterical on that last one (he is available though). But something needs to change if we’re going to win enough games to make it to October, let alone a June 1st game against a weakened Houston Astros team. All three of our top guys have had ineffective stretches and are close to being close to losing their roles. A year ago, they were infallible. This year, they are mere mortals.

If the team finds itself in a close game today, BoMel will have the difficult job of choosing who to defend the gates. With Trivino pitching a tough inning last night and Soria throwing a fairly smooth 16-pitch inning, it looks like it’ll be a Soria-Treinen night. Hopefully, the lineup will get the ball to them and they’ll spike it down to snap our burgeoning losing streak.

We got Anderson v. Verlander, Chapman v. Bregman, Moneyball v. Astroball. Let’s go, Oakland!

Lineups below.