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Fatrolf’s Monday Sketches: ...And Skye Bolt Appeared In A Flash Of Light Edition

Also, Josh Phegley hits a lot of balls a lot of times

Losing sucks. We could talk about a lot of losses, but we’ve all probably done that enough in our daily lives that we don’t need to do it more here. This is where we’re gonna talk about Skye Bolt!

Khris Davis is day to day after crashing into a railing in the outfield yesterday. If you’d blocked the painful memories, before he became a full-time DH, any ball towards Davis in the outfield sent A’s fans everywhere scuttling to bathroom breaks, check out the food menu — or check on your ramen noodles, if you were at home. I can’t imagine Khris Davis is a fan of outfields, and outfields are clearly not a fan of him.

On the bright side, he did make the catch!

On another bright side, according to Susan Slusser, Davis is already feeling better and hopes to return Tuesday. Yay!

Injuries suck, but they also open up the doors for new and exciting players. Mark Canha was our latest guy to land on the IL, but it freed up a spot on the roster. It’s time Skye Bolt got his crack at the Bigs.

It’s no secret the A’s have a farm system stacked with talent ready to bubble up, and Friday Bolt was the next spark to flash onto the scene. He pinch hit in all three games and went 1-4 in his debut series against the Pirates. His one hit was a thunderbolt of a double that was so close to being a home run, it even fooled Skye! Pittsburgh is an important city to the Bolt family. Bolt’s dad is from Pittsburgh, and Skye spent lots of time there as a child. Now, it’s also the city where he got his first taste of Big League ball.

Speaking of injuries, Sean Manaea has been making his way back from his. After soldiering through chronic shoulder issues for two years, which culminated in an inability to pitch without pain, Manaea decided to undergo the surgery on September 19th, 2018. The initial return timetable was not hopeful, with the possibility of Manaea missing all of the 2019 season. However, Manaea has worked hard at his recovery, and could return for crunch time later this year.

Matt Olson is rockin’ in Las Vegas. He’s hit one homer and driven in a pair of runs, and if things continue to improve, could return to the A’s lineup this week, possibly tomorrow if the baseball fates allow. It’s hard not to notice guys like Oly missing when your team is in a slump, so this could be his chance at a heroic comeback to rally the troops!

Nick Martini, who was taken out with a double whammy of a right knee sprain and a hyper-extended back, will run the bases on Tuesday and start his rehab stint shortly after.

Amid the injuries and painful losses, Josh Phegley shone like a big beautiful star in Friday’s 14-1 trouncing of the Pirates. He compiled eight RBI in that game. Yes, you read it right, Josh Phegley put up historic, star-status numbers. Not only that, but the last time Phegs hit more than 15 RBI in a season was his first season with the A’s (2015, 37), and it took him 73 games to do it.

The A’s have a gift of a day off today after an acrid 1-8 road trip. Tomorrow, it’s time to take on the Reds for three games before Cleveland comes into town. Mike Fiers is on the mound for the A’s as they regroup and push forward. Luckily for the A’s, they have Skye Bolt, the Bringer of Lighting, on their side!