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Oakland A’s 2019 Draft Profile: Michael Busch, UNC

Moneyball back again?

Screenshot from YouTube / 2080 Baseball

The MLB Draft is coming up next week on Monday, June 3. Click here for my preview, exploring trends in past A’s drafts. Here’s a profile of an old school, Moneyball type who might slip to Oakland at the No. 29 overall pick of the 1st round.

Michael Busch, 1B | University of North Carolina

DOB: 11/9/097

Size: 6’ 207

Bats/Throws: Left/Right

Stats: (Soph and Junior season in school, plus two summer leagues)

  • UNC 2018: .317/.465/.521 in 310 PAs, 55 BB / 30 K / 13 HR
  • UNC 2019: .294/.447/.569 in 282 PAs, 56 BB / 36 K / 15 HR
  • Northwood (2017): .291/.426/.500 in 190 PAs, 37 BB / 29 K / 4 HR
  • Cape Cod (2018): .322/.450/.567 in 111 PAs, 19 BB / 17 K / 6 HR

Fangraphs Scouting Grades: (Future Value = 45)

Hit: 35/55 | GamePow: 40/60 | RawPow: 60/60 | Speed: 50/45 | Field: 45/50 | Arm: 50/50


The guy hits. Check out the stat lines. That’s top notch production from nearly 600 PA in ACC play and another 300 PA with wood bats. He has good bat speed and controls the strike zone. He has a balanced swing and an all-fields approach. He features plus Power potential to go with an above-average Hit. A three sport athlete in HS, Busch is considered a plus defender at 1B. He played 2B in the Cape Cod League and LF during his draft year.


He’s considered plus at 1B but he’s short and we’ve seen Matt Olson’s 6’5” frame save numerous throws. He’s been “Meh” in LF and all anyone will say about his play at 2B in the Cape is that he played 2B. He’s fringe average at best when it comes to running and throwing.


If this were 2003, Michael Busch would be the guy the A’s hope drops to them. As players with louder and more prolific tools rise up the Draft Board, someone has to fall, and in this case it would be one of the best hitters available. I think if Oakland had to choose between Greg Jones and Michael Busch they’d choose Jones 10/10 times, because they need to draft high-ceiling talent in order to have high-ceiling talent. But what happens if Jones is off the board before 1.29? I think Michael Busch is going to hit when he makes the Show and (as long as his drafting team doesn’t fantasize about making him into a 2B) he’s going to move quickly up the ladder.