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Game Thread #53: A’s vs. Mariners

Eight straight?

Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

This is the A’s team we’ve been waiting to see. And now, with just one game separating the Oakland and Boston in AL Wild Card race, the A’s have a chance to reclaim the slot they came into the year defending.

On the mound is Mike Fiers, who’s had middling results since his no-hitter a couple of weeks ago. He’ll be facing off against Yusei Kikuchi, the Mariners’ emerging ace. As the season’s gone along and he’s gotten more reps against major league hitters, his strikeouts have gone up and his ERA’s gone way down. He’ll be a good test for a surging A’s lineup that’s missing two of its best hitters.

Speaking of those two, Piscotty was a late scratch due to an illness. That moves Pinder to RF and slots Groosman into left.

Here’s who the M’s will have up to bat.