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“If These Walls Could Talk...”

This book is exxxxcellent...

...They would say “Get thee to Moe’s Books in Berkeley on Saturday at 7:00pm!” Because that’s where, and when, Ken Korach and Susan Slusser will be signing copies of their new book, “If These Walls Could Talk”.

Now this is real life and not a Hollywood movie. If it were a Hollywood movie, it would undoubtedly go something like this...“He likes Chinese food. She only eats tapas. He’s afraid to talk to women. She’s allergic to the letter ‘k’. Now they’re paired on a book and it turns out they’re also both madly in love with Pat...”

I would totally see that movie, but since it isn’t being made I have had time to read the book. The hook of “If These Walls Could Talk” is that most of the chapters chronicle a different aspect of A’s baseball, from being a traveling secretary (Mickey Morabito), groundskeeper (Clay Wood), or director of player development (Keith Liepmann) to being a more public figure such as Dave Kaval, David Forst, or Bob Melvin.

Along the way, Slusser writes a chapter about her own path to the A’s, one which undoubtedly will continue all the way to the baseball writers’ hall of fame. Korach adds a chapter about his winding path from Oakland’s bleachers (practicing play-by-play) to Oakland’s press box (practicing in front of considerably more listeners). And then there is chapter 3, a beautifully written tapestry penned by Korach tying together Mother’s Day, Dallas Braden’s perfect game, and Ken’s very personal connection having lost his mother to suicide when he was just 21.

The three “first person” chapters by Slusser and Korach alone are worth the price of the book (ok fine, I got an advance copy for free but that’s not the point). However, A’s fans will especially appreciate the inside looks at other aspects of A’s baseball fans do not normally see, hear about, read about, or even think about. Baseball operations are huge and “If These Walls Could Talk” captures the variety of roles along with the human beings who toil, usually in anonymity, behind rakes, laptops, and frequent flier miles.

And who doesn’t want to come to Berkeley??? If you need help finding Moe’s Books, as you travel down Telegraph Ave. just ask one of the many people who are marching down the street passionately protesting everything. And if they can’t help you, look for the man who is walking his “service therapy pig” while vaping chamomile. I’m pretty sure he knows where everything is because he’s the mayor.

So make your plans to come dine at one of Telegraph Avenue’s upscale culinary establishments (I recommend Fat Slice), and then get yourself a copy of “If These Walls Could Talk” that Slusser and Korach will personally autograph. That’s Moe’s Books: 2476 Telegraph Ave., Saturday May 25th, 7:00pm. Unless the signing is rained out, that is, in which case it will probably be rescheduled to take place in Detroit.