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Introducing Athletics Nation’s new 2019 Game Threaders!

Four new names to help us cover A’s games.

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The 2019 season is underway, with a quarter of the games already in the books. It’s not going well so far, with the Oakland A’s unexpectedly sitting in last place. No matter how the rest of the year goes, though, Athletics Nation will be here every day to watch the game with you and analyze every possible angle.

This spring, we held our seventh annual Game Thread auditions, and as a result of that program we’ve added four new names to the gameday roster. This actually encompasses the last two years of auditions, because we never added anyone last spring — Cody and JToster also tried out in 2018 and would have been the picks at that time.

Without further ado, please welcome our four new Game Threaders!


Hey! I’m Cody, the rare Canadian A’s fan based out of Edmonton, Alberta. I’m finishing up my degree at the University of Alberta, and work in the local tech industry.

While I didn’t follow much baseball as a kid, I did become a fan of the Athletics from playing a bunch of Major League Baseball feat. Ken Griffey Jr. on the N64. The green and gold jerseys spoke to me, and I still can hear the game’s announcer introducing (fellow Canadian) Matt Stairs as clear as day.

When I started following baseball seriously around 2010, obsessing over with the Athletics started quickly and I’ve kept up with the team daily since.

By best A’s memories are definitely from my first visit to the Coliseum last August. I was in town for the A’s series against the Astros, and witnessed the Matt Olson walk-off homer 2 days before my birthday.

I can’t wait to make back to the bay some time soon, and I’m very excited to help recap games for Athletics Nation!

Go A’s!!

Cody is hosting our Tuesday threads.

CatfishBunter (Daniel)

I was born in Stockton, CA, where my parents became A’s fans just as the great dynasty of the 70s was taking flight. I grew up in Salt Lake City, UT. Fun fact: I caught a foul ball at a minor league game in 1987 in which the Salt Lake Trappers set the record for consecutive wins by a pro baseball team (it was the record for all professional sports at the time). Eventually, I found my way to Los Angeles, where I’ve now resided for 20 years.

I live vicariously and enviously through those of you who actually live in the Bay Area and see games at the Coliseum regularly. I do have some very good friends and family up there, so I pay a visit and catch a game from time to time. I’ll give you zero guesses as to who my favorite former Athletic is! I dreamed of being a big league pitcher when I was a kid, and I once struck out eight consecutive batters in little league. Unfortunately, it was all downhill from there for me.

I live in LA’s Eagle Rock neighborhood with my lovely wife of almost 11 years and four cats. When they set off fireworks at Dodger Stadium, I can hear them at home. I saw Sonny Gray pitch a CG SHO against the boys in blue a few years back. Other interests include playing guitar and writing songs. I’ve really enjoyed being part of the AN community for the past couple years and I’m delighted to serve as one of your new game threaders!

Daniel is platooning on Wednesdays, doing road games while Matt Doan does home games.

Kevin Urquhart

Hi! I live in Utah and recently graduated from BYU. I’m 25, married to a wonderful woman, and starting work at a tech company next week. I’ve been writing for SBNation for the past couple years on Big East Coast Bias, and I am thrilled about this opportunity to join Athletics Nation!

As a baseball fan in Utah, you get your pick of all the MLB teams. Despite being surrounded by Yankees, Red Sox, and Dodgers fans, I fell in love with the Hudson-Mulder-Zito trifecta and latched on to the A’s at age eight. My favorite memory comes from 2013. I was making my first trip to the Coliseum and I tweeted Josh Donaldson, asking him to put on a show. He replied with, “You got it.” In the 12th inning, Donaldson lined a walkoff homer over the right field wall and I was in an excellent spot to watch his exuberant celebration as he rounded first.

I look forward to interacting with all of you. Go Oakland!

Kevin is hosting our Thursday threads.

JToster (Jacky)

Hello AN! My name’s Jacky To (my friends call me Toster) and I’ve been A’s fan since 2009. Though I was born and raised in SF and grew up exclusively around Giants fans, for some reason, I connected with the A’s in a way that I just couldn’t with the Giants. Part of it was definitely the underdog/Moneyball stuff, obviously, but another part of it was just being able to watch an Asian American athlete, Kurt Suzuki, play what was becoming my favorite sport. Then we got Coco Crisp (probably my favorite A’s player), had that amazing 2012 run, and the rest was history for me.

Some other details about me: I graduated from UC San Diego a couple of years ago, double-majored in Economics and Philosophy, and am currently working as a business analyst in LA. Hoping to maybe pursue a career in baseball analytics (we’ll see), but for now, I’ll be watching A’s games from my couch every Saturday as I pray for Billy Beane to get his first ring!

Jacky is hosting our Saturday threads.

Our new threaders join some familiar names: praunlinde (Peggy) is back on Mondays, Matt Doan is on Wednesday home games, and Dani Baker-Gillman is still on Sundays. And of course, the one and only baseballgirl will be doing what she does best: getting you pumped up on Fridays.

Say hello to the 2019 Game Thread crew!