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Game Thread #44: Athletics at Mariners

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Toronto Blue Jays Kevin Sousa-USA TODAY Sports

After having 3 of their last 4 wins be walk offs, the A’s felt the sting of the walk off loss last night, as the Mariners sprung back off an Omar Narvaez single to claim the game in the 10th.

The Athletics look to spring back and split the series tonight. So far the A’s have yet to win a game against the Mariners this season, dropping both Japan games early in the year and then losing yesterday in the second matchup of the season series. Over the last week the M’s have been in a bit of a skid, losing 4 in a row before yesterday, and dropping from the top of the division, though they currently sit 1.5 games above the Athletics.

The AL West standings are still a bit wonky, as both the early games the A’s and M’s played, as well as the long first stretches both teams went through before their first off days have set the two teams in a bit of a lurch. The Mariners lead with 44 games played, and the A’s have one less at 43, Houston and Anaheim both follow closely, but the Rangers have yet to even break the 40-game mark. As 4 of the 5 teams in the AL West currently sit within 2 games of each other, it can be a bit misleading at first glance. The A’s have won more games than Texas, yet sit below them in the standings due to the win percentage giving the Rangers the slightest lead. The Angels sit right below the Astros, but if they have a couple losses in the span that it would take to catch up in games to the M’s, they could potentially be sitting at the bottom of the division. Things seem pretty up in the air for the AL West, and while Houston has surged forward into their own level of strata, they are still within reach pf any of the other 4 teams, especially with the season only being 14 done.

Brett Anderson takes the mound for the Athletics today, aside from missing one start so far this year with a leg injury, Anderson has been dependable and largely reliable so far. He enters the game with a 4.19 ERA, inflated by the 4 runs allowed against Cincinnati last week. Anderson has pitched a full 6 innings in both of his last starts, and as he walked away with a no-descision, his last start was not quite as dominant, walking 5 and striking out 0, in addition to the previously mentioned 4 earned runs. In the 10 previous starts he has made in Seattle, Anderson has pitched about the same level as his career line at the Coliseum. T-Mobile Park is the away stadium where Anderson has allowed the most home runs, but also the away park where he has earned his most strike outs.


Lineup Notes:

  • Today we have the Opening Day expected lineup playing together in full for the first time this season. That does mean we have Profar playing 2B and Grossman in LF after Pinder and Canha got starts in those positions, respectively, yesterday.
  • Olson seems to have his spot in the lineup after Khris Davis, and as both players have managed to lock in their home run swings over the last couple games.
  • Josh Phegley has firmly cemented himself in the primary catcher role, and the A’s have followed up on their statement that he’ll be catching every 23 games, if not more.
  • The Mariners still are without Dee Gordon in their lineup, but he’ll be available as a pinch runner late in the game as he was yesterday.

First pitch is at 7:10 at T-Mobile Park. The A’s look to keep their offence rolling against Mike Leake, a pitcher who does not have a fantastic track record when facing the Green and Gold.

Let’s Go Oakland!