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95% of A’s fans approve of Bob Melvin as Oakland’s manager

Fans still love the team’s long-time skipper.

Photo by Masterpress/Getty Images

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A’s fans were asked last week if they approve of the job manager Bob Melvin is doing in Oakland, and the result was a resounding yes!

Fans were asked the same question about Melvin ahead of Opening Day as well, and the results then were a unanimous yes. There was a slight whiff of dissent this time, but a 95% approval rating still shows that the Oakland faithful has supreme confidence in our team’s skipper.

It’s not surprising to see the results dip from a perfect consensus at this particular moment. The A’s bullpen blew a couple of leads in the first week of the season, between a meltdown against the Angels and then a game against the Red Sox in which the defense opened the door to a Boston comeback and the relievers weren’t able to shut it. Oakland lost both contests, and anytime the relievers blow a save the manager’s decisions will be called into question.

For the most part, though, fans are sticking with Melvin. And that’s fair enough — these losses had more to do with the players not executing than the manager pulling the wrong strings.

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