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Game Thread #26: Athletics vs Rangers

MLB: Houston Astros at Oakland Athletics Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The A’s snapped a losing streak yesterday with a strong 6-1 win against the Rangers. Today they look to pick up the second game of the set, this time facing off against Lance Lynn.

Frankie Montas takes the mound for the Athletics, becoming the new most dependable arm after Brett Anderson went on the IL with an ankle injury. With a 2.70 ERA over 23.1 innings, and a 3-1 record over 4 starts Montas has made the most of the time he has had in the rotation. What Montas really relies on is the defence to back him up. So far this season his FIP is sitting at almost 2 points higher than his ERA. Montas needs to work on getting more out pitches and to keep reducing his WHIP to be able to bolster his starts.

Rangers Lineup:


A’s Lineup:


As a quick note on the lineup, Profar gets the day off with Pinder put in at 2B in his stead to take advantage of a hot start to the season. As well, in the bullpen

Trivino is still sidelined but will hopefully be back soon after a minor thumb injury not worthy of an IL stint.

Hopefully the bats pick up even more and the A’s can start a winning streak

Let’s go A’s!