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Fatrolf’s Monday Sketches: Sizzling Khris Davis Edition

Also, Matt Chapman Took Kevin Durant’s Parking Spot Edition

Sunday’s loss may have left a bitter taste in our mouths and left us feeling a bit like Sad Sam Jones. Understandable, it was a bit yucky. Today, we’re gonna talk about stuff that is a little less yucky. Kittens ... Puppies ... Free groceries for a year ... and Khrush —

Ah, yes. As of right now, Khris Davis is on track to hit 85 home runs this season.

While this is not actually going to happen, because baseball doesn’t work that way, he’s still doing pretty darn good. Khrush slugged five home runs last week, including four in under 24 hours against the Orioles, pushing himself to the top of the MLB leaderboard. One of those home runs was a little more special than the others, as it was the 200th of his career.

In fact, Davis became the fastest active player to reach 200 career homers. He picked up his iconic dinger in the A’s victory over Baltimore last Wednesday, but in usual Khrush fashion, had no interest in making a big deal out of it. “It’s just a number,” said Davis.

Of course, the rest of the team was in the mood to have some fun, too!

Even Melvin got in on the party!

A few days later, dinger No. 203 of Khrush’s career was pretty special too, as it broke a 6-6 tie in the 8th inning in Texas en route to an 8-6 A’s victory. It really can’t be overstated how hot Khrush’s bat is right now.

Speaking of home runs, Jurickson Profar has finally come into his own after wishing Adrian Beltre a happy birthday on April 7th. Yes, the same guy that answered “blueberry muffins” when asked what his favorite cupcake flavor is phoned up Adrian Beltre, wished him a happy birthday, and then got a gift basket of baseball wisdom back from his pal. Profar went from hitting .106/.143/.170 through Beltre’s birthday to .381/.440/.714 in the past week since. He even put up his first two homers of the season! Wax on, wax off ...

Anyone else got any future HOF’er friends they wanna call up?

Speaking of former teammates, the A’s agreed to a minor league deal with 35-year-old righty, Edwin Jackson. Gone, but not forgotten, the A’s went 14-3 when Jackson pitched last season. Even bigger than his record, say Melvin and Brett Anderson, is Jackson’s cheerleader personality and ability to rally the troops around him. He’s the kind of guy that can get the team pumped up even when he’s not contributing stats-wise. Jackson will be pitching for the Vegas Aviators until he’s ready for the A’s and the A’s are ready for him.

In an equally important turn of events, Matt Chapman recently parked in Kevin Durant’s spot at the Coliseum. While getting ready for batting practice, Chapman was told by a clubhouse employee that he had taken Durant’s lucky parking space and would need to move his car immediately. Blissfully, the wrong was righted and all automobiles ended up in correct spots before game play was affected by the Almighty Overseers of Sports Luck.

The A’s got some extra rest on Saturday with relentless rainstorms bringing a postponed game and a soggy day off in Arlington, Texas, giving the guys time to get in a well-needed game of hackey sack. Cross-training is an important part of any exercise routine!

Another rest day today gives the team time to recuperate after being on the road since the 4th. Tomorrow, Houston rolls into town with a 3-0 lead over the A’s so far this season, so Marco Estrada is going to be on the mound for the Green and Gold, ready to get the team back on their winning ways. That is, as long as Kevin Durant doesn’t take his parking spot.

So it’s time to be a bit less Sad Sam Jones and a little more “Happy Jack” Chesbro. After all, you won’t want to blink coming up or you’ll miss Khrush hitting another dinger or ten.