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Elephant Rumblings: A’s Pitchers and Catchers Report!

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Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

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Today in Baseball History:

  • 2002 - Major League Baseball owners approve the sales of the Florida Marlins and Montreal Expos. Florida owner John Henry is selling the Marlins to Jeffrey Loria for $158.5 million, while Loria is selling the Expos to Baseball Expos LP, a limited partnership owned by the other 29 teams, for $120 million. The sales won’t officially close until later this week.
  • 2005 - Jose Canseco’s controversial book, Juiced, is made available in certain markets in anticipation to his appearance on the television news show 60 Minutes. The self-proclaimed godfather of steroids alleges former teammates Mark McGwire, Juan Gonzalez, Rafael Palmeiro and Ivan Rodriguez, among others, all used illegal performance-enhancing drugs.

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