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Elephant Rumblings: Angels get their man, add Anthony Rendon on mega-contract

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Washington Nationals v Oakland Athletics

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Today in Baseball History:

  • 1911 — A rift between the leagues develops over widespread charges of ticket speculation during the World Series, and accusations that officials of the Giants and A’s were involved. The American League passes a resolution refusing to participate in another World Series until it has control of ticket sales in its own parks. The National Commission investigates the charge that speculators were given large blocks of tickets, but takes no action and releases no findings. The following spring, the Commission finds that much scalping occurred, but there is no evidence either team was involved, and peace is declared.
  • 1933 — Connie Mack is still selling. First he sells Lefty Grove, the A’s top winner in each of the past five seasons, along with Max Bishop and George Walberg, to the Boston Red Sox for $125,000 and two players, pitcher Bob Kline and infielder Rabbit Warstler. Next, catcher Mickey Cochrane goes to Detroit, then George Earnshaw and backstop Johnny Pasek, just acquired from the Tigers, go to the White Sox for $20,000 and catcher Charlie Berry. Berry once led the NFL in scoring and will become a major league umpire in the 1940s. The day will be known as “Black Tuesday” in Philadelphia.

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