Let's educate our new prospective fans!

I'm an Oakland native, and life-long A's fan. Due to recent economical trends and shifts, I find myself not able to live in Oakland anymore (currently Concord), but also means lots of new folks moving to Oakland (and east bay).

With the A's trying to build a new park and maybe capture the "hearts & minds" of the newbies (why not? smart business move if they can pull it off) I've noticed a lot of "potential" A's fans (ok I work with a lot of young folks new to the area) don't really know about our team history.

So with all that said, can anyone maybe post some off-season pieces about the good & bad of Charlie Finely? I mean he catches a lot of crap (and perhaps deservedly) but he also did a lot of good and was passionate in wanting to win.
We could use an unbiased look at him, not from I-hate-the-guy or from the He-was-a-Saint perspective. Charlie O. the Mule, Harvey the rabbit, all the zany promotions, why the A's even wear Green & Gold, that's just the tip of the ice-berg. There is so much more.
I'd love to provide an in-depth look and spark conversations, and teach about A's lore, but with 2-jobs, I just can't find the time. So, if someone out there is passionate about A's history, and introducing it to the new-bloods, well, please do, there is a great need for it.