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Vote Matt Chapman for Platinum Glove!

Make your voice heard in the MLB offseason awards!

Photo by Rob Leiter/MLB Photos via Getty Images

We’ve entered baseball’s awards season, and the Oakland A’s have already taken home some hardware. Third baseman Matt Chapman and first baseman Matt Olson both won their second straight Gold Gloves, as well as their second straight Fielding Bibles. They are unquestionably the best 3B and 1B defenders in the sport right now.

However, there are two more major defensive awards on the docket. Next up is the Wilson Defensive Player of the Year, which Chapman won last year, and it will be announced tonight (Wed). But after that comes the Platinum Glove, and what sets that one apart is that you and I can actually have a say in it — Rawlings decides this top award based on a fan vote, with one each for the AL and NL.

(For some reason, the Rawlings website won’t let me link to the voting page, so you’ll have to copy/paste the URL yourself.)


All you need to do is follow that web address and fill out the form to cast your vote. The voting goes through Thursday, so you have all of today and some of tomorrow to get this done. The winner will be announced Friday.

Now, technically you could vote for Olson instead if you want. He’s eligible as well, having won Gold alongside Chapman. But we can’t be splitting the vote here; we need to focus up and go all-in behind the best candidate. Olson is a marvelous defender, but let’s be real, Chapman is even better and he’s the one with the biggest chance to win — esp as the incumbent, having won last year. And on top of that, a first baseman will always be a long shot for Platinum, though it has been done by Anthony Rizzo (in 2016). Click here to see a list of past Platinum winners.

What are you waiting for? Go vote!


(Did you vote yet?)