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Oakland A’s unveil 2019 spring training cap design

Follow the White Elephant!

Photo provided by Oakland A’s

Baseball teams switch up the design of their spring training gear much more often than they do their regular season uniforms, and indeed the Oakland A’s have a new look for spring 2019. The club unveiled a new cap on Thursday, which will be used in spring training and then in batting practice for the rest of the year.

The new design is based on the classic White Elephant logo, harkening back to the early days of the franchise. (Not sure if Wild Elephant is a typo in the team’s tweet, or an intentional rebranding of the phrase.) It replaces the 2018 model, which featured a throwback version of the “A” logo, but it retains the general idea of one simple white image on the normal forest green background.

Here it is, in all its glory!

If you’re unfamiliar with the story behind the elephant logo/mascot, then here is a wonderful history lesson to catch you up to speed. Summary: The Giants have been condescending jerks for over a century, and back then the A’s decided to own one of their rude jokes and run with it. (Update: Here is another great writeup of the history.)

What do you think of the new spring/BP cap? Do you like the simplicity of the logo, or did you prefer the more modern version of the elephant that was retired after 2017? Either way, if you liked last spring’s Simple A logo, then you should hurry up and buy one now at the online store — it’s on clearance sale, supplies are limited, and you can get free shipping for the next six hours (thru 9 p.m. PT tonight) by using promo code DUGOUT3. (Unfortunately the new 2019 design won’t be available in the online store until Monday.)

Final note: This is NOT a sponsored post. Neither the site nor myself are being paid extra for this. I just thought AN would like to see the new cap design, and know about the free shipping promo.