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AN-FanFest Meetup: Find Us If You Can!

There’s a 50% chance that this is danmerqury.

So danmerqury and I, armed with a lethal dose of faith, hope, and prayer (all the non-religious kind, of course), have decided to try to cobble together an AN FanFest meet up for those who are interested in sharing the magic with us as a group.

Planning? Attention to detail? Big flag for easy identification? We feel those things are for morans and dum-dums, so we’re keeping it simple: 10:00am under the big “Jack London Square” sign at the end of Broadway.

I might bring a used Kleenex with “AN” scribbled in crayon to hold up from 9:59am-10:01am, but otherwise just figure out what we probably look like based on the police sketch artist renditions you have likely seen at your local post office, and if all else fails start saying “Dan?” and “Nico” to everyone around until one of us says either “That’s me!” or “Nope, that’s the other one. Keep looking.” (In which case you’ve actually found us, see how that works?)

Who’s in?