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Experimenting with an Athletics Nation podcast

Discussing the A’s season, September, and the Yankees series.

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Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Howdy Athletics Nation! Welcome to the first episode of our latest attempt at an Athletics Nation podcast.

This project is spearheaded by Robert Bermudez (Big Rob 510), and co-hosted by him and myself. We recorded this episode at the Coliseum, after the Mariners finale Sunday evening. Our goal was to talk around 15 minutes but the A’s are too darn interesting so we ended up going twice as long.

We discuss a couple key highlights of last weekend’s Mariners series; the September callups and midsummer trade acquisitions; and the upcoming (now in-progress) Yankees series.

We are still in the experimental phase of this project, so by all means please give us any feedback you might have. What works, what doesn’t, what kind of stuff would you like to hear us talk about, how long should each episode be, etc. These kinds of questions can be best answered by you the prospective listener, so we want to know how to make this something you’d like to tune in to. (Embedded below, or click here to listen at Soundcloud.)

Thanks for listening, and Go A’s!