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A’s Week in Twitter: Postseason probabilities, BoMel ejections, and more!

We’re back with A’s Week in Twitter.

Oakland Athletics v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images

We’re back with A’s Week in Twitter, where we round up the best of the Oakland Athletics Twitterverse. From launch angle to Jesse Chavez’s favorite teams, scroll to see what made the cut!

Your skipper could never.

Someone get this guy one of Josh Reddick’s spidey shirts.

For real though.

Sure you did.

Love to see it.

You saw him here first, folks!

Weekly reminder.

Thanks, Sonny.


Very #here for the annoying of Astros fans.

This seems ... extremely good.

Awww <3

Can we get this angle on every homer?

Just ... wow.

Suggestion: just go all-out all the time.