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A’s Week in Twitter: Laureano is very good, the Wild Card is very stressful, and more!

We’re back with A’s Week in Twitter.

Texas Rangers v Oakland Athletics Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

We’re back with A’s Week in Twitter, where we round up the best of the Oakland Athletics Twitterverse. From preparing for a Wild Card game to Ramon Laureano’s continual excellence, scroll to see what made the cut!


We’ll just leave this here.

We’re lucky to have such #savage writers on the A’s beat.

At least they’re in on the joke (horror)?

Weird times we live in.

Still not recovered from the last one TBH.

What a stat.

We were all thinking it.

He can stay.

Would love to see a breakdown of when those errors occurred.

Can the A’s extend him before he finds out?

There will be dingers.

The graphic you didn’t know you needed.

Just how we imagined the A’s would get on Sunday Night Baseball.

This was so close.

Farewell to the minor league season.

So you’re telling me those aren’t the real Rickey, Eck, and Rollie? #wow

And because our love for Sean Doolittle is strong no matter what uniform he wears, had to include this instant meme.