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A’s Week in Twitter: Ramón, the rotation, and more!

We’re back with the A’s week in Twitter.

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Oakland Athletics Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: it was another great week in A’s baseball, and by extension, the A’s Twitterverse. From the new Big Three to a whole bunch of fun facts, scroll to see what made the cut!

And this was before the A’s acquired a new starter this morning.

“The sunny Side of the Bay” works on so many levels.

So. Many. Fun. Facts.

Everybody makes mistakes.

Paint the town green and gold!

Truly striking.

Heart. Melted.


Motion to make these the alternate unis?

Indeed, they do not.

The new Big Three?

Keep talking.

Par for the course.

MLB literally needs the A’s.

This better be stenciled on the mound for his next start.

Inject this into our veins.

Not really.

Very here for the Royals media questioning trades from three years ago

This is all so new!

More chills for Ramón.

Ah yes, exactly what we thought we’d be saying in August 2018.