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A’s Week in Twitter: The nation took notice

We’re back with A’s Week in Twitter.

MLB: Houston Astros at Oakland Athletics Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

We’re back with the A’s Week in Twitter, where we round up the best of the Oakland Athletics Twitterverse. This week, the Interwebs at large were unusually A’s-heavy, and that’s because the nation has officially taken notice. So from national media to the local, scroll to see what made the cut!

Sean Manaea is all of us. He is also a human emoji.

Moneyball 2: This Team is So Fun.

Alternatively ... Moneyball 2: Weird and Wonderful

Can we keep it as a shrine to his insane year?

What. A. World.

Greatest Sign Maker BACK.

So slick.

Preach, Ann.

Sums it up.

We’re witnessing something special.

In case you needed a reminder.

Not-so-hot hot take alert.


the SHADE!

This hits home for us D3 folks. And is not totally unrelated to the A’s.

No kidding.

The only thing that could make that walk-off better.

A’s social media team is on fire.

Strangely fascinating.

There’s still time to atone.

Just like Shawn always imagined it would happen, right?

The one time we will ever promote bandwagoning. It’s now or never, folks!

The really important matter at hand:

And finally, some inspiration from Underdog A’s Teams Past.