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Game Thread #104: A’s at Rangers

Can the A’s keep the magic alive against Big Sexy?

Oakland Athletics v Kansas City Royals
A’s starting pitcher Trevor Cahill.
Photo by Brian Davidson/Getty Images

What the A’s have done over the last six weeks has been nothing short of amazing! What they’ve done in the past five games has been unbelievable, awesome, incredible, insane — and I’ve been running out of appropriate words so today I am going with — unfathomable. They’ve won 26 of their last 31 games, comeback to win four of their last five games and in the one game they didn’t have to comeback in — they scored 15 runs. In fact in this series against the Texas Rangers the A’s have already scored 34 runs, at least so far. Let’s hope they can keep the magic alive again today as Trevor Cahill takes the mound for the A’s and faces off against Bartolo Colon who is starting today’s game for the Rangers.

Here are today’s lineups:

Oakland Athletics:

  1. N Martini LF
  2. M Semien SS
  3. J Lowrie 2B
  4. K Davis DH
  5. M Olson 1B
  6. S Piscotty RF
  7. M Chapman 3B
  8. J Lucroy C
  9. D Fowler CF

Texas Rangers:

  1. S Choo RF
  2. R Odor 2B
  3. E Andrus SS
  4. A Beltré DH
  5. J Profar 3B
  6. J Gallo LF
  7. R Chirinos C
  8. R Guzmán 1B
  9. C Tocci CF

Alright, let’s do this! Let’s Go Oakland!

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