Mariners are starting to fold in face of the A's strong run

As an A's fan living in Seattle I am witnessing the choke hold starting to tighten even more lately. Mariner fans had been taking the playoffs for granted as the team has been very good at winning the close games. If you look at the run differential, it is at 1.....meaning the Mariners are giving up, and scoring at the same pace. They have been winning the close games, but when you give up as much as you score the Mariners are reverting to the mean.....which is a 500 ball club that will have a hard time to hang through October to secure the wildcard.

The choke sound you hear from the Northwest is that the fans and media are talking more and more about the surging A's, and what has looked like a sure thing is now looking like an epic fail.

Like other fans ,I have been god smacked as the A's comeback from deficits, and score late, and even later in games to pull out the win. I wrote earlier this season how pleased I was that A's were competitive, and the stick a fork in them by Memorial Day was not happening this year. I am more than pleased by the A's....this is becoming something special.

I feel destiny is touching the A's, and that far from sticking a fork in them....they are going to snatch the wildcard spot away from the Mariners. I can not wait for this to play out over the rest of the season.