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A’s Farm Report: Top Draft Picks Progress Report

A’s top pick Kyler Murray
Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Last week, I took a look at how some of the A’s top picks from this year’s draft have been performing so far this season on my Athletics Farm site. In case you missed it there, I thought I’d share it here this week. You’ll find the A’s top 11 picks from the first 10 rounds of the 2018 draft along with their statistics through games of Thursday, July 19 listed below. Since then, shortstop Jeremy Eierman has hit his fourth home run for Vermont, while RHP Brady Feigl has pitched three perfect innings for Vermont, and catcher JJ Schwarz has collected two more hits in five at-bats for the AZL A’s. The teams they’ve played for so far this season are noted, with the team they’ve appeared in the most games with listed first and their current team in bold…

1st Round

Kyler Murray

Age: 20 / Outfielder

Signed – Has Not Yet Played

The A’s top draft pick is set to play quarterback for Oklahoma this fall and is not expected to show up on a baseball diamond before spring training in 2019.

2nd Round

Jameson Hannah

Age: 20 / Outfielder

Vermont Lake Monsters

86 AB / 1 HR / 9 BB / 24 K / .279 AVG / .347 OBP / .384 SLG

The A’s took Hannah because they really liked his bat, and he’s been one of Vermont’s best hitters this season, boasting a .279 batting average. Coming out of college, Hannah was also known for his speed, and he currently leads the Lake Monsters with 6 stolen bases in 6 attempts over his first 23 games. On the down side, Hannah’s had a high strikeout rate, whiffing 24 times in his first 86 at-bats for Vermont.

Competitive Balance Round B

Jeremy Eierman

Age: 21 / Shortstop

Vermont Lake Monsters

93 AB / 3 HR / 4 BB / 24 K / .204 AVG / .253 OBP / .333 SLG

Prized for his power potential at a middle infield position, Eierman hit 23 home runs in his sophomore season at Missouri State, and he currently leads the Lake Monsters with 3 home runs over his first 23 games. Eierman has only drawn 4 walks though while whiffing 24 times and is currently sporting a less-than-stellar .253 on-base percentage for Vermont.

3rd Round

Hogan Harris

Age: 21 / Left-Handed Pitcher

Signed – Has Not Yet Played

The A’s top pitching pick in 2018 has been sidelined with an elbow injury, and it’s possible that he may not make it back into action this season.

4th Round

Alfonso Rivas

Age: 21 / First Baseman

Vermont Lake Monsters

101 AB / 1 HR / 17 BB / 24 K / .277 AVG / .380 OBP / .386 SLG

Known for his plate discipline coming out of college, Rivas has appeared to be one of the most advanced hitters of the A’s draft class in the early going. He’s been boasting a solid slash line and is either leading or tied for the team lead in hits, runs, walks, doubles and extra-base hits for Vermont.

5th Round

Brady Feigl

Age: 22 / Right-Handed Pitcher

Vermont Lake Monsters

11 1/3 IP / 4 H / 3 ER / 5 BB / 19 K / 2.38 ERA / 0.79 WHIP

The top righty taken by the A’s, big Brady has looked dominant in the early going. He’s allowed just 4 hits while striking out 19 over 11 1/3 innings of work for the Lake Monsters.

6th Round

Lawrence Butler

Age: 18 / Outfielder


40 AB / 0 HR / 11 BB / 15 K / .275 AVG / .431 OBP / .350 SLG

The only high school player taken by the A’s in the first ten rounds of this year’s draft, the young prospect just turned 18 earlier this month, but he’s looked like a much more mature player at the plate. Perhaps most impressive is the fact that Butler has drawn 11 walks in his first 51 plate appearances as a pro and is currently boasting a .431 on-base percentage for the A’s.

7th Round

Charlie Cerny

Age: 21 / Right-Handed Pitcher

Vermont Lake Monsters

9 1/3 IP / 6 H / 5 ER / 6 BB / 4 K / 4.82 ERA / 1.29 WHIP

Known as a control specialist in college, Cerny has struggled with his control in the early going, issuing 6 walks in his first 9 1/3 frames for Vermont.

8th Round

JJ Schwarz

Age: 22 / Catcher


2 AB / 0 HR / 0 BB / 0 K / 1.000 AVG / 1.000 OBP / 1.500 SLG

The A’s top catching selection’s pro debut was delayed while he was busy appearing for Florida in the College World Series. Schwarz finally appeared in his first game for the AZL A’s on Thursday and looked impressive, going 2 for 2 with a double.

9th Round

Chase Cohen

Age: 21 / Right-Handed Pitcher

Vermont Lake Monsters + AZL A’s

12 IP / 8 H / 2 ER / 4 BB / 12 K / 1.50 ERA / 1.00 WHIP

Despite struggling with control issues at times in college, Cohen has looked in command in the early going this season, issuing 4 walks and striking out 12 over his first 12 frames as a pro.

10th Round

Clark Cota

Age: 21 / Right-Handed Pitcher

Vermont Lake Monsters + AZL A’s

7 1/3 IP / 6 H / 5 ER / 6 BB / 10 K / 6.14 ERA / 1.64 WHIP

Cota was a solid closer in college. He put up big strikeout numbers but also struggled with his control at times, and not much seems to have changed in his early days as a pro. Over his first 7 1/3 innings of work, Cota has notched 10 strikeouts, but he’s issued 6 walks while also hitting a pair of batters.

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