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Game Thread #99: Giants at A’s

Can the A’s have another two groundhog days?? I hope so!

Oakland Athletics v San Francisco Giants
Mark Canha hit a two-run blast to put the A’s ahead last Saturday against the rival Giants. Can he do it again?
Photo by Stephen Lam/Getty Images

As noted Friday was a “groundhog day” with the San Francisco Giants defeating the Oakland A’s for the second Friday in a row. SMH. Not what I was looking for - and I’m sure the rest of you were not either. However, should we just hope and pray to the baseball gods for two more “groundhog days” so the A’s win the series? Of course we should!

And a good omen for today is that it is the late, great, fan favorite — Dave Henderson’s birthday. He would have been 60 years old. Unfortunately and very sadly, he may no longer be with us, but I believe he is here in spirit and will help drive the A’s to win. The same goes for his fellow teammates who were taken from us too soon, from the 1989 World Series Championship Team — Bob Welch and Tony Phillips (quick fun fact: Tony Phillips made the last out in the 1988 World Series and also made the last out to sweep the Giants in the 1989 World Series. — Ok don’t tell me that isn’t somewhat interesting?!) If you can please feel free to discuss it during the game in the comment’s thread!

Trevor Cahill will take the mound for the A’s today facing the Giants’ ace Madison Bumgarner. Even if the A’s can’t get to Bumgarner, they can take the Giants’ bullpen so I definitely have faith - do you?? Let me know when you comment! Thank you and enjoy the game!

Here are today’s lineups:

So wishing a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HENDU!! (wherever he may be I’d bet his looking down upon us non and saying what I always say ... As AlwAys ... Let’s Go OAklAnd!!!