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Oakland A’s Player Profile: Jonathan Lucroy

Work hard, work harder

32-year-old Jonathan Lucroy hails from the direct middle of Florida, where he’s been catching since as long back as he can remember. He has never not been a catcher, as he was the only one of his friends and family who was brave crazy enough to always want to take up the spot behind home plate.

All those years of being swaddled up in catchers gear and enduring the constant abuse is bound to take its toll on a person and send them out to, say, left field, but not Lucroy. His work ethic has been inhuman since a young age and eight major league seasons have not dampened his drive to perform. The veteran catcher ensures his mental and physical readiness for every game by paying equal attention to tape time and gym time and is frequently the one on the roster putting in the most time on both.

Lucroy’s love and drive for baseball was not alone in his family — he has a brother and a cousin who also played ball. However, Jonathan has had the lengthiest and most LUCrative career!

And all that hard work has paid off. Jonathan has been named a two-time All Star, set his high school record in doubles (54), RBI (184) and total bases (414). In 2011, Umatilla High retired Lucroy’s #6. Not to mention, Lucroy was behind the plate when Sean Manaea threw his no-no on April 21st against the Red Hot Red Sox.

On September 27th, 2014, Lucroy set the single-season doubles record for a catcher (so he’s basically the Jed Lowrie of catchers, yeah?) surpassing Ivan Rodriguez to claim the title. Rodriguez had made his mark in 1996 by amassing a total of 45 doubles (47 total, 2 while not catching) and Lucroy surpassed him by raking in 46 in 2014 (53 in total, 7 while not catching).

While Lucroy was just as serious about his catching craft in college at Louisiana Lafayette — he would work out instead of hang out with friends and barely cracked a smile, said old teammates at the time — he has found his happy place in baseball and life nowadays. He loves getting outdoors, spending his time in the sunshine on hunting and fishing, but, most importantly, with his family. Lucroy splits time between a home in Louisiana and wherever his baseball journey sweeps him off to next, but takes spending time with his wife and kids as seriously as his career. Family is first for the Lucroys.

Outside of the regular grind of life, Lucroy is a big fan of hard rock and heavy metal. He also does what he can to support the troops, a cause that has meant a lot to him personally since his old roommate almost lost his life in Afghanistan.

After he was signed, in Arizona, Lucroy spent as much time as he could with the pitchers in his new organization to familiarize himself with the ways everyone worked. He caught as many bullpen sessions as he could. He ground away in the batting cages. And still after every game and training session, he was in the tape rooms feeding his mind as much as his body to get ready for the season.

Lucroy was born (but not raised) in Eustis, Florida, which Wikipedia tells me is the home of “GeorgeFest”, a celebration of George Washington, happening annually since 1908. The festival is the second-longest running ongoing event held in honor of George Washington, according to Wikipedia.


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