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Fatrolf wraps up the first week of July, and then some

Treinen named to ASG, Oakland A’s could be in first in AL Central

Friday was the start to another three game series against the Indians, this time on their home turf. The stars appeared to be aligning for another fantastic comeback when Khrush stepped up to the plate in a bases loaded 6-4 seventh. However, there would be no cosmic energy in the books for the A’s as Khrush struck out in a tidal wave of frustration. And to whoever turned their TV’s off in frustration at this point, good job. You did the right thing, and your mental health is better for it. Indians 10, Athletics 4.

(Actual photo of the A’s after Friday’s game)

Saturday’s matchup couldn’t have been more different. With the score knotted at 3-3 in the top of the 11th, a Stephen Piscotty dinger drove the A’s ahead and set up Treinen to shut down the Indians and snag a comeback win to even up the series.

Daniel Mengden and Trevor Cahill were scheduled rehab assignments in Nashville on their road to recovery. Brett Anderson was reinstated, but Matt Joyce and Paul Blackburn became the latest victims of the 10-day DL, because everyone needs a turn on it.

If Saturday wasn’t enough of a surprise, how about Brett Anderson rumbling back from the black pit of injury despair to throw five innings of shutout ball against a 4-0 Shane Bieber? And lead the A’s on to a 6-0 victory over the Indians? Sounds exciting to me!

It is at this time that I would like to reflect on if the A’s were in the AL Central, we would be in first place. No, actually, I don’t really like to think about that. Moving on.

As the All Star break draws closer and we keep our collective eyes on how the Astros and Mariners are faring (the enemy of thine enemy is thine ally), maybe you’ve been drooling over roster rumors for the 2018 ASG, maybe you’re rolling your eyes every time it’s mentioned. It’s ok. Live your truth.

No matter how you feel, you can agree Blake Treinen deserved his slot in the game. He’s in the middle of a break-out season, and rewarding that effort with his first ASG appearance is a feel-good kinda story we like here. Blake has amassed 22 saves over 44.2 innings of work so far this season, already six more than his total in 2017. His ERA is lower than his WHIP (0.81/0.90). He has a hit. He has a bulldog named Maxx. I don’t know what else you could ask for.

(Maybe for the A’s to be in the AL Central, where they’d be first place in their division)

(Sadly, I don’t have a snappy drawing of Jed, because when I originally wrote this he wasn’t going to the ASG... and then he did before I posted. So.... let’s talk about how cool Jed is and he’ll get a drawing next week)

Lowrie smacked in a dinger against the Indians for his 100th hit of the season already, well on his way to beat his record of 175 in 2013. With the same swing, he has also tied his homer record of 16 in 2012. He’s lookin’ pretty hot this season and finally he’s getting the national recognition for it. Sure, he got the spot because Gleyber Torres lost his initial roster spot due to injury, but he’s finally there.

Though the real victory here is in knowing that Yankees fans across the country have realized they now only have three ASG reps, compared to two Oakland A’s, and haven’t been able to look themselves in the mirror since**

**(citation needed)

The A’s are in Houston for a hot matchup against the Astros (highs in the mid 90’s for the whole series!) to kick off the week. I was going to have this post finished during the weekend, but went and got a surprise A’s tattoo on Sunday after work, so things got a little delayed.

Also, here’s the tattoo. I drew the lines and the artist brought it to life with the shading!

If you had told me at the beginning of the season that Frankie Montas would lead the A’s to a 2-0 silencing of the Astros, I’d have probably gone back to wondering how we could sneak the A’s into the AL Central – Ok, ok, I would have told you you were bonkers. Monday’s win wasn’t because the Astros didn’t show up, it was because the A’s flat-out out-played them to gain another point on the division leader.

The second game also happened before I could post this, so let’s just not talk about it. It’s better that way.

Two more games to decide the winner of the series, then back to the Bay to cap off the week against the Giants. Catch us next week when we talk Battle of the Bay, why the A’s can’t be in the AL Central – where they’d be in first place – and whether or not we believe Skye Bolt is the real name of a real person.

(I’m still not convinced)


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