A's Still Competitive....Who Would Have Thought? New Challenge comes from Portland, Oregon

Memorial Day has come and gone, and yet the A's still are competitive in a loaded division. I do not expect them to get a wild card berth, they only have a 10%, but the fact they have not gone completely into the tank like previous years when Memorial Day or earlier was the "stick your fork in them" time is a big improvement.

They have now slipped back to 500, but at least A's fans can take heart that our team is competitive and that stick a fork in them they are done has not yet occurred.

A new challenge comes from my former home town, Portland, Oregon. Portland is a growing City, and the economy has been good to them even as they throw out the welcome matt to homeless people everywhere to come and camp anywhere and do anything they want...drugs, theft, or whatever, BUT a new group with Seahawks QB Russell Wilson a part of the Group is talking and acting like they want a major league baseball team....and the A's are a target.

So two challenges ahead....can the A's remain competitive, and are they headed out of town?