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MLB Draft 2018: Oakland A’s make picks in Rounds 11 through 40

Tracking the A’s selections on Day 3 of the draft.

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Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

We’ve reached Day 3 of the 2018 MLB Draft. The Oakland A’s made three picks on Monday and eight more on Tuesday, and now Wednesday will bring the final selections. Check out these links for more on what has happened so far:

The final day is also the longest, with 30 more rounds of picks coming. At this point in the draft it’s a long shot to find even one future MLB player, but it certainly happens: Boog Powell (20th round), Ryan Dull (32nd), Lou Trivino (11th), and Jaycob Brugman (17th) are names the A’s have recently plucked from this range, along with current prospects like James Naile (20th), Nolan Blackwood (14th), Eli White (11th), and Wyatt Marks (13th). Several of today’s picks will ultimately not sign with the A’s, especially in the final few rounds, but most of them will join the organization.

This post will be updated throughout the day as the picks are announced.

11th round (No. 323): Joe DeMers, RHP (University of Washington)
12th round (No. 353): Noah Vaughan, OF (University of Texas-Austin)
13th round (No. 383): Dallas Woolfolk, RHP (University of Mississippi)
14th round (No. 413): Gus Varland, RHP (Concordia University)
15th round (No. 443): Calvin Coker, RHP (Auburn University)

16th round (No. 473): Bryce Nightengale, RHP (George Mason University)
17th round (No. 503): Devin Foyle, OF (University of Kansas)
18th round (No. 533): Cobie Vance, SS (University of Alabama)
19th round (No. 563): Matt Cross, C (Niagra County CC)
20th round (No. 593): Max Schuemann, 2B (Eastern Michigan University)

21st round (No. 623): Daniel Martinez, RHP (Riverside CC)
22nd round (No. 653): Aiden McIntyre, RHP (Holy Names University)
23rd round (No. 683): Jonah Bride, 3B (University of South Carolina)
24th round (No. 713): Dakota Mills, RHP (Sam Houston University)
25th round (No. 743): Al Jones, OF (Vanderbilt University)

26th round (No. 773): Leudeny Pineda, RHP (ASA College Miami CC)
27th round (No. 803): Chase Calabuig, OF (San Diego State University)
28th round (No. 833): Reid Birlingmair, RHP (University of Illinois-Chicago)
29th round (No. 863): Austin Briggs, LHP (McNeese State University)
30th round (No. 893): Gio Dingcong, 1B (St Thomas Aquinas College)

31st round (No. 923): Alexander Pantuso, RHP (Slippery Rock University)
32nd round (No. 953): John Jones, C (North Greenville University)
33rd round (No. 983): Joseph Pena, SS (St Thomas Aquinas College)
34th round (No. 1013): Nick Ward, 2B (West Chester University)
35th round (No. 1043): Brandon White, RHP (High school, Connecticut)

36th round (No. 1073): Chad Bryant, RHP (Pensacola State CC)
37th round (No. 1103): Andrew Miller, 1B (High school, California)
38th round (No. 1133): Austin Piscotty, OF (St. Mary’s College)
39th round (No. 1163): Hudson Haskin, OF (High school, Connecticut)
40th round (No. 1193): Lyndon Weaver, CF (High school, Georgia)

A few notes:

  • The 11th-round pick, DeMers, starred at College Park High School in Pleasant Hill before going to college. Here’s Melissa Lockard of The Athletic with more.
  • Jeff Ellis of Scout has things to say about Vance (18th), Schuemann (20th), and Jones (25th)
  • The A’s class includes two players from each of Ole Miss, UIC, and St Thomas Aquinas.
  • Yes, that is Stephen Piscotty’s brother in the 38th round.
  • In the 19th round, the Padres selected a pitcher (Ian Villers) out of Northgate High School in Walnut Creek!