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Oakland A’s set MLB record with homers in 25 straight road games

The old Yankees were Murderer’s Row, but the 2018 A’s are Murderer’s Road.

Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images

The Oakland A’s set a new MLB record on Saturday by homering in their 25th straight road game, the team announced. The previous record of 24 games had been held by the 1996 Baltimore Orioles.

The historic dinger came off the bat of Mark Canha, against White Sox starter Carlos Rodon. Outta Da Pak, Mark!

The A’s have been offensive monsters on the road all season. Entering the day their 67 homers (now 68) led MLB by a wide margin, with the Red Sox next at 57, the Cardinals at 56, and the Astros and Yankees at 55. The A’s 119 wRC+ on the road is second behind only the Astros (128).

Of course, the problem has come at home in Oakland. The A’s 85 wRC+ at the Coliseum ranks 27th among home teams, and their 36 homers are tied for 21st. They’ve hit nearly twice as many dingers on the road in around the same number of plate appearances.

Here’s the full streak:

4/29 (HOU): Pinder
5/1 (SEA): Lowrie
5/2 (SEA): Lowrie, Canha
5/3 (SEA): Piscotty
5/11 (NYY): Khrush, Chapman, Lowrie, Joyce
5/12 (NYY): Khrush
5/13 (NYY): Canha
5/14 (BOS): Joyce, Olson, Khrush
5/15 (BOS): Piscotty
5/16 (BOS): Semien, Joyce, Olson
5/17 (TOR): Khrush, Olson, Chapman
5/18 (TOR): Fowler
5/19 (TOR): Pinder
5/20 (TOR): Semien
6/1 (KCR): Olson (2), Fowler (2)
6/2 (KCR): Maxwell
6/3 (KCR): Olson
6/5 (TEX): Khrush
6/6 (TEX): Khrush
6/19 (SDP): Piscotty, Lowrie
6/20 (SDP): Barreto, Phegley, Canha, Olson, Lowrie
6/22 (CHW): Barreto (2)
6/22 (CHW): Olson
6/23 (CHW): Piscotty, Olson
6/24 (CHW): Canha

This was the second time that Canha extended the streak on his own by hitting the only homer of the game. Here are some other streak facts:

  • Multiple times with only homer of game: Khrush (3), Piscotty (2), Olson (2), Pinder (2), Canha (2)
  • One time with only homer(s) of game: Lowrie, Semien, Fowler, Maxwell, Barreto
  • Multiple times with first homer of game: Khrush (5), Piscotty (4), Olson (3), Pinder (2), Canha (2), Lowrie (2), Semien (2), Barreto (2)
  • Most homers during streak: Olson (9), Khrush (6), Lowrie (5), Piscotty (4), Canha (4)

Congrats to the A’s on setting a new modern MLB record! They’ll look to push the mark even further next week with four games in Detroit, where the Tigers have allowed the 11th-highest rate of HR/9 at home. In the opener on Monday they’ll face Jordan Zimmermann, who has been more dinger-prone than the average hurler the last few years.