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Game Thread #78: Athletics at White Sox

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Chicago White Sox Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

As the A’s aim to take three of four games from the White Sox, today’s midday game already has the chance to be one for the record books. The team has hit a home run in twenty four straight road games, which is tied with the 1996 Orioles for most consecutive road games with a home run hit.

Standing between them and the record is Carlos Rodon, a lefty who is making his third start of the year. In those three starts, Rodon has surrendered three home runs, and since 2016 he gives up, on average, just under one home run per start. Pitching for the A’s in opposition to Rodon is Paul Blackburn, who has had one good start, one horrendous start, and one average start since his return from the disabled list. His ERA currently sits at an unsightly 8.03 thanks to that horrendous start, and that ERA stands to drop a little going up against Chicago’s lineup.

The A’s have all their biggest power hitters in the lineup today, should be an interesting game!