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Game #59: A’s make comeback late but Royals and Soler get the last laugh

A’s late comeback can’t preserve the win

Oakland Athletics v Kansas City Royals
Yusmeiro Petit
Photo by Brian Davidson/Getty Images

The A’s took a hard but still encouraging loss to the Royals on Saturday. Already down by four runs after two innings, the A’s were able to come back scoring four runs of their own, one in third, fourth, seventh and eight innings, respectively. Surprisingly, only one of those runs was a home run.

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There are positives and and negatives to every game and this game wasn’t as bad as it may have seemed. Here are the main positive takeaways that I could find during this one-run defeat. Losing 5-4 (or losing in any way) is never fun for the club or for the fans, but there are always positives to take away from the sting of a one-run loss. Here are a few of the positives I could garner from Saturday’s game in Kansas City.

After being down four runs in just two innings, the A’s rallied to come back and tie the game up later, showing resiliency which is something all ball clubs are always looking for. As you know, the A’s tend to relay on the long ball to score the majority of their runs. Saturday — yes there was one home run — but the scored the other three by stringing together hits and hitting with runners in scoring position. In the top of the third inning, Jed Lowrie knocked in Marcus Semien (who had already singled) with an RBI double.

Back-up catcher Bruce Maxwell had a good day for himself both at and behind he plate. Maxwell broke an 0-16 hitless streak in the fourth with an RBI single that plated Stephen Piscotty.

The A’s catcher also was the source of the A’s run that cut the score down to 4-2 with the Royals still leading. Maxwell hit his first home run of the season to lead off the seventh inning, knocking Royal’s starter Jason Hammel out of the game. So, the long ball did help the A’s in this ballgame but it came from a very unlikely source.

With one out and one on in the eighth inning, A’s skipper Bob Melving, had Chad Pinder pinch hit for Dustin Fowler. It was a good idea by Melvin as Pinder roped a single to center that plated Matt Olson who had singled to lead off the inning. They were now facing Royals’ reliever Tim Hill, who ended up earning BOTH the blown save and the win — that’s something you don’t see everyday!

The game should have gone into extra innings but a rare mistake by the A’s “jack of all trades” reliever Yusmeiro Petit who pitched two innings on Saturday, threw one poor pitch that ended up being a bottom of the eighth bomb by Jorge Soler that he didn’t even realize he had hit.

“I don’t know how it happened,” Soler said.

It was a slightly heartbreaking loss — as almost all one-run losses are, but the A’s did still have some good moments. Would it have been better had the team won? Well, of course it would’ve! Yet in the overall grand scheme of the baseball season, it wasn’t a terribly played game for the A’s and besides, they played the entire ballgame without recording an error!