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A’s Week in Twitter: Canha saves the day, Kyler Murray signs, and more!

Mark Canha closed out the week with a catch only 5% probable, and Kyler Murray is officially an Athletic.

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Oakland Athletics Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

TBH, it wasn’t the best week for the A’s or the A’s Twitterverse. But as A’s fans, we know we have to find joy in the little moments, so scroll to check those out!


28 feet ... per SECOND?

Great hustle.

The GIF that keeps on giving.

I mean, that would be cool ...

That was much-needed.

Don’t lie: you laughed.

Motion to make sacking the QB illegal?

Recognize any top-row teams?

Less-than-ideal, but ideal content.

Hopefully A’s fans will one day congregate outside the stadium like this again.

More of this, please!

Worse than any of the aforementioned dad jokes.

After watching the Warriors parades and this, we’re only more hungry for a present-day A’s parade.