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Game Thread #70: A’s vs. Angels

Righting the ship against the AL West

MLB: Kansas City Royals at Oakland Athletics Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

It’s a shame, really. After last weekend’s terrific 3 out of 4 winning series against the Royals, the A’s were absolutely crushed by the Houston Astros this week, losing all three games of the series. The Astros are good, good; it’s like a different level of baseball when they take on the A’s. With the losses, the A’s dip one game below .500, but they are looking for their third win in a row on my Friday nights tonight as they take on the Angels. This is their chance, and it needs to happen now, to make some sort of statement to the AL West. And it’s true; the only way the A’s will have a winning season is to figure out how to beat the AL West.

Tonight, Chris Bassitt is tasked with the Angels, on an earlier start than usual thanks to Dinosaur fireworks night. Okay.

The A’s will face off against Tyler Skaggs, whom they lost to already this year. Let’s hope for a different outcome today.

Here are your lineups (please do not read within 20 minutes of a meal or you may hurl):